My Priorities Include:

  • Highlight and correct the mis-management and waste within the Health system.
  • Continue to be an advocate for people with disabilities and long term illness
  • Implement a plan for balanced regional development as set out by the Western Development Commission (WDC).
  • The immediate roll out High Speed Broadband to all homes and premises to provide equal opportunity for all our citizens.
  • Highlight the importance of our towns and villages within society and ensure that these places are promoted by the I.D.A., Enterprise Ireland and other stake holders as good places to set up business
  • The retention and enhancement of the rural Post Office network and the protection of small rural schools and Garda Barracks
  • In recognition of the importance of the small business section to our economy, amend the current rates system and base this tax on profitability.
  • Provision of a 5 year plan and  sufficient budget to alleviate flooding in County Galway
  • Protect and support small family farms and put in place a mechanism of allocating grants to favour small family farms.
  • Continue to fight for the right of bog owners to cut turf for their own use in their own bogs.
  • Campaign for the delivery of the remainder of the Western Rail Corridor including the provision of a freight service along this route.
  • Lobby for the implementation of a National Strategy to provide the resources to complete unfinished housing estates and provide for their Taking in Charge by Local Authorities.
  • Legislate to ensure the Irish Water cannot ever be privatised without having a referendum of the citizens to do so.
  • Reform of the Dáil to allow for open honest debate, transfer power back to the citizens and make the citizen central to our politics and policies.
  • Put on end to political patronage and take key political appointments away from politicians to allow for appointment to be made on merit not Party Political loyalty.
  • Pursue the development of an equal sustainable and inclusive society for all our citizens.
  • Make people’s issues my policies and put you, the citizen at the centre of national politics.
  • Support the development of The Atlantic Economic Corridor towards job creation and inward investment in Galway East.