My Priorities Include:

  • Support our local businesses to grow investment and jobs so that everyone in Galway East can have a better standard of living.
  • Ensure that we offer first class healthcare across our range of services from GP surgeries to Primary Health Care Centres and Regional Hospitals.
  • Improve and develop our schools and third level institutions so that our children have every opportunity to achieve their potential in an increasingly competitive world.
  • Be an advocate for older people and those with disabilities, special needs and those in need of long term care to guarantee they receive the essential services they require and the supports that will improve their lives.
  • Promote balanced regional development within the Atlantic Economic Corridor, working closely with agencies like the Western Development Commission.
  • Support our farmers and agri-food businesses. Agriculture is the life blood of Rural Ireland.
  • Highlight opportunities for our towns and villages as great places to do business, working closely with the IDA, Enterprise Ireland and other stakeholders to achieve economic growth.
  • Roll out broadband to all our homes so that everyone is treated equally. No one should be left behind.
  • Campaign for both the delivery of the Western Rail Corridor and a Greenway for Galway East.
  • Eradicate waste in our public services and ensure that money saved is spent on people not institutions.
  • Move our environmental practices towards a greener economic model, where everyone feels the benefit of energy efficiency and best practice.
  • Put people’s issues first and make sure the citizen at the centre of national politics.
  • Pursue the development of an equal, sustainable and inclusive society.