I wish to confirm that the additional walking trail on Knockma Hill is now complete and is open for use. The additional walkway includes a 1.7km additional walking trail and will open up this very historic location for people to view all parts of Galway.
‘This amenity is an asset to our tourism attractions and I am delighted to have been involved in getting a €80,000 grant under the town and village renewal scheme for this project’.
‘Additionally a number of bus parking areas will be installed to accommodate school tours and tourists to this location.
‘Knockma possesses a unique abundance of wildlife and bio diversity, and is also a very historic location. It is an ideal location for people to exercise or just to relax taking in the full views available from the top of the hill. I would like to congratulate Caherlistrane/Kilcoona Community Council and their sub-committee for driving this project. I acknowledge the total support and commitment of Galway County Council, National Parks and Wildlife under the leadership of Ranger John Higgins, and the Department of Community and Rural Development for their support. I have been working on this project for a number of years and I want to acknowledge the assistance of former TD Paul Connaughton in convincing the Department of Heritage to purchase the land at the top of the hill. I also want to acknowledge the work of Cllr. Billy Connelly Chairman of the Community Council for driving this project at local level. We now have an amenity which will be a major focus point for tourism in our area and I will be encouraging the Department of Tourism to market this amenity under the Hidden Heartlands of Ireland brand.
‘We have many such unique amenities in Galway East and I am determined that these amenities form part of the tourism map nationally’.