I have requested the Department of Agriculture to make the TAM ll grants available to agricultural contractors.
“TAMS ll is a support for farmers in the purchase of plant and equipment for agricultural use. Many small farmers rely on the agricultural contractors to carry out the major works such as slurry spreading as the cost of equipment is beyond the reach of farmers”.
“A recent survey in Roscommon of 28 agricultural contactors, as part of the Water Resource Protection Pilot Project for the National Federation of Group Water Schemes (NFGWS), recommended that the uptake of technology for precision application of slurry should be encouraged and consideration should be given to agricultural contractors to access TAMS ll to help finance their investment”.
“There is much talk on Climate Action and TAMS ll is a very simple way of supporting farmers and protecting the environment”.
“Many agricultural contractors do not necessarily have a farm or herd number. This excludes them from receiving support which will reduce the hire rates and increase the use of better machinery and technology. This will lead to more sustainable farming especially for the small family farm”.