I very much welcome the Community Supports Action Plan which will see An Post delivery staff checking-in with older and more vulnerable customers.
The initiative by An Post and the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU) – in conjunction with the Government – will involve An Post staff across Ireland checking on more vulnerable people along their delivery route at least once a week.
This will be of particular benefit for those living alone, especially in isolated rural areas.
Postal workers play a central role in rural communities and very often they are known and trusted by the people they deliver to.
Postmen and postwomen using the correct social distancing protocols will check on people’s well-being by way of a set of standard questions.
Any requests for provisions or medicines will be relayed directly back to the local Health Service Executive team.
An Post will then support the delivery of essential supplies back to these customers.
A free mail and parcels pick up service will be also available for the same housebound customers
A newspaper-ordering and delivery service for all customers is currently being set up by An Post in conjunction with national and local newspaper groups.
The delivery of a further three million free postage-paid postcards to include all prisons, nursing homes and homeless accommodation facilities will continue.
They are aimed at helping people to send special messages to family and friends. Two million cards have already been delivered.