I have received confirmation that today the number of vehicle charging points in County Galway is very low.
“Today there are 30 standard charging points, 7 fast charging points and 2 high powered charge points installed as part of the Government commitment”.
“Galway is the second largest county geographically but the number of points available is worrying”.
“The Government are looking to the electric car as a salutation to CO2 emissions from cars, but they are not installing confidence in people to buy cars”.
“If we do not get our act together and install the necessary infrastructure we will not convince people to change to electric vehicles”.
“The Climate Action Fund is available and must be used but the installation must be fair on the regions”.
“Dublin County have in excess of 5 times more the number of standard charging points then County Galway. This is not right, it is not fair and smacks of discrimination against the regions once again”.