I  have called on the Government to expedite the delivery of the long awaited new national school for Tuam.

The three national schools amalgamated into Trinity National School in September 2019 as required by the Department of Education to commence the delivery of a new single campus facility for Tuam.

“It is very disappointing that very little progress is being made and the process is a long-drawn-out paperwork exercise with very little in terms of progress.

The staff, pupils and parents deserve better and indeed the town of Tuam deserves a modern national school education campus to serve the needs of the national school children.

It is incredible that the project is still in Preliminary design stage and will have to progress through to detail design, planning stage and tender stage before any works begin on site.
At the rate of progress to date, it could be another 5 years before we see any works commencing on site.

These delays are also holding up the progression of the Educate Together National School being accommodated in a permanent location in the town which is also not acceptable”.

In a written response from the Minister for Education she confirmed that she could not give a timeline for the delivery of the projects at this stage.

“I am calling on the Minister to engage with her officials and ensure delivery is achieved without any further delay”.