I have stated that the 70 turbine electricity producing facility at Derrybrien Co. Galway should not be decommissioned.

In a time when we require security of electricity supply it is unbelievable that the ESB are TO decommission the 70 wind turbines.

The 70-turbine wind farm has been generating 59.5 mw of green electricity and it has been delivering renewable wind energy to power homes businesses and farms since 2006.

Derrybrien Wind Farm is a vital component in the delivery of renewable wind energy and the Government cannot stand looking at this project being decommissioned.

The Government should take control of the project in the public interest. The Government need to look at the planning situation with substitute consents to ensure we save this project.

We also have to take the environmental damage that will arise if these 70 wind turbines have to be removed including the very real risk of further peat slides.

Common sense needs to prevail, and it is imperative that we retain our renewable wind energy sources to ensure a secure affordable supply of electricity for our citizens.