Canney calls for Broadband contract to be finalised prior to the Budget

I have requested Government to deliver the rural broadband contract without any further delay.
‘Lack of high speed broadband is a major obstacle to the creation of jobs in the region. I am receiving complaints daily from home owners who cannot work from home due to the lack of service. Students are also losing out as they are unable to do their research for projects and dissertations.’
‘I have this week met with a group of business people based in a North Galway village. There are thirteen companies employing over 120 people. The problems faced by these businesses are significant due to the lack of high speed broadband. This village has the capacity and potential to increase the workforce by 100 people. This potential job creation cannot happen unless we can guarantee a commercial broadband service.’
‘I am very disappointed with the performance of Eir. They are connecting homes to broadband in a way that does not make sense. They are leaving pockets of houses all over the countryside without a service. They are cherry picking the nearest houses to their exchange. This tactic is divisive and is a disservice to our communities.’
‘It is time to finally grasp the problem and get it sorted. I understand from discussions with Minister Naughten TD that the rural broadband contract is nearing completion. I am calling on the Minister to ensure broadband be put on top of his agenda for delivery immediately.’