Future buyers of new homes can look forward to lower energy bills and warmer homes under new regulations being brought in under the Government’s Climate Action Plan, according to Galway East TD and Minister of of State in the Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment Seán Canney.
The regulations being introduced mean that all new homes built from November will be 70% more energy efficient and will emit 70% less carbon dioxide than homes built in 2005.
Minister Canney said: “All new homes will be near zero energy buildings with a Building Energy Rating (BER) of A2 as opposed to a BER of A3 under current regulations.
“This is very much welcome as it will be beneficial for the home owner in terms of lower bills and for the environment with the consequent reduction in carbon emissions.
“It should also mean that in there should be less risk of fuel poverty going forward and that all new homes will be naturally warmer and more comfortable.”
He added: “There is a short term cost of 1.9% as a result of the measures but that will be offset by long-term annual savings on fuel.”
About 40% of Ireland’s energy-related carbon emissions coming from buildings so the new measures are expected to make a significant contribution towards meeting Climate Action targets.

For more information, contact Minister Canney on 086-2513639
October 1 2019