I have received confirmation that the Group Scheme Committee has been informed by Galway County Council that a contract is ready to be signed with the Contractor for the long-awaited Group Water supply for Kilrickle.

The County Council have also informed the committee that in order for the contract to be signed it will be necessary to get a minimum of 238 members signed up to the Group scheme.

The funding for the project is being provided by the Department of Housing & Local Government together with a local contribution. To draw down the state grants it is necessary to have signatures in place prior to signing the construction contract.

The Council further advised that it is critical that the scheme get the members signed up.

“A huge amount of work has gone in getting the project to this stage and I am urging the community to get behind it so that we get it over the line.

Since being elected a TD I have taken on the task of delivering water to the communities and I have put plenty of pressure onto the Department and in particular the former Minister Eoghan Murphy to ring fence the state funding for this long-awaited project, that state funding is now in place and project is ready to go”.

“The benefit of the scheme in the immediate, medium and long term to the community of having a secure quality piped drinking water supply to each home cannot be overstated and I look forward to the final delivery of this project”.