Designated Salmonid Waters Bye-law Comes into Operation

Ministers Highlight Importance of Measure to Distinctive Habitat.
The Designated Salmonid Waters Bye-law was today signed by Richard Bruton, TD, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment. The overall intention behind the Bye-Law is to afford additional protection to wild brown trout in seven distinctive State–owned waters where established stock control measures are already in place as a matter of existing policy.
The seven waters are Lough Sheelin in the Limerick Fishery District, Loughs Conn and Cullin the Ballina Fishery District, Loughs Corrib, Mask and Carra in the Galway Fishery District and Lough Arrow in the Sligo Fishery District.
Sean Canney TD, Minister of State is to have responsibility for the Inland Fisheries sector welcomed the Bye-law as an important initiative for Brown Trout fisheries particularly in the West of Ireland.
Minister Canney said, “my predecessor Seán Kyne TD gave notice of his proposals to make the Bye-law and also instigated a public consultation during which observations and views expressed across the full range of stakeholders. I am happy as incoming Minister to support Minister Kyne’s long standing initiative and his hard work over all of 2018 in bringing the Bye-law to fruition.
Minister Seán Kyne said, “as Minister with responsibility for inland fisheries, I had carefully considered the submissions made in the public consultation. The Bye-law relates to seven limestone lakes which are quite unique in terms of topography and trout habitat and have long been managed as wild brown trout fisheries via established stock management programmes. From that perspective, I considered that these waters are especially important”. “The Bye-law was just about complete when I was taking on my new role and I am grateful for the support of Ministers Bruton and Canney for bringing it over the line”, he added.
The Bye-Law gives statutory status to the policy designation of this small number of distinctive waters and means that the waters concerned will continue to be managed primarily as brown trout waters. Minister Kyne had indicated his view that the importance of these waters should be reflected by way of statutory designation and commenced that process in the Department.
The Bye-Law also includes the prohibition on the Introduction of fish to the designated waters which is consistent with the overall policy thrust of Island Fisheries Ireland to manage these waters primarily as brown trout waters. The advantages of this measure include addressing biosecurity and genetic concerns, control and management of the potential transfer of pathogens, and safeguarding against the introduction of alien invasive fish species.