I have called on the Government to address the lack of public charging points for electric vehicles as the number of electric vehicles on our roads are increasing.
For the first time the Sales of EV in Ireland has now exceeded the sale of diesel cars in the first 3 months of 2023 according to data published by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry.
In 2022 about 16,000 electric cars were sold in Ireland and this year this figure is expected to be more than 20,000.
The biggest fear for people is the charging of the battery and the fear that they will not be able to charge the car in the same way as the petrol and diesel pumps are available.
“It is imperative that the lack of public charging points is addressed as a matter of urgency. More charging points are required right across the country and better incentives should be in place to help increase the number charging points in all towns and villages across the country”.
“Local authorities should be funded to put charging points in all public carparks. Small business premises, local shops and community groups should also be encouraged to install these charging points at their premises”.