Energy Security solutions are available but need urgent Government Action
“I have called on the Government to immediately introduce emergency regulations to reverse the decision by the ESB to decommission the wind turbines in Derrybrien, Co. Galway.

“The energy supply this winter is very uncertain and we need to make every effort to boost supply. There is an opportunity to provide green electricity by turning the turbines back on.

The turbines if re-activated would provide electricity to 40,000 homes.
The project ran foul of the European Courts, but I believe we can get a derogation from Europe in the present energy crisis.

We should also look at reopening the two peat Generating power stations to ensure electricity for homes and business over the winter. After all Germany are now re opening coal burning power stations to deal with their crisis.

We need to act fast, and I believe we have the solutions at hand, but we need the Government to be decisive in the interest of its citizens”.