I have received correspondence from the CEO of Pieta House stating that they intend to close the existing therapy centre in Tuam.
This centre has been delivering therapy services for the past eleven years to hundreds of people in a very professional manner from the centre in Bishop Street in Tuam, and the facility was funded from a huge fundraising effort by a committee lead by John Concannon and supported by people across the west of Ireland.
“The location is ideally located off the motorway and serves many counties across the region. It is a mystery to me why such a successful service is being closed for financial reasons when the facility was built by people’s donations at no cost to Pieta.
I am calling on Pieta to reverse their closure plan and I am also seeking a meeting with the CEO Stephanie Manahan to discuss this issue.
The existing centre in Tuam is a fit for purpose facility funded by generous donations from across the region and used to good effect over the last 11 years and should be retained as the therapy centre for the region”.