I am concerned that the Flood Relief measures for Portumna which were first identified in the Shannon Catchment Flood Risk Management Plan (FRMP), published in May 2018 have not yet progressed.
The proposed scheme, which would provide protection to 22 properties at a preliminary total project budget of €3.65m, was not included in the first tranche of schemes to be progressed in 2018.
“I have received confirmation from the Minister for the Office of Public Works that his office and Galway County Council will work closely to ensure that it will be commenced as soon as possible within the lifetime of the NDP 2021-2030”.
The proposed measures for Portumna in the Flood Risk Management Plan include:
• Construction of new flood defences (over 430m of flood wall and approximately 870m of flood embankment)
• Installation of a simple flood-forecasting unit, including an addition of telemetry to an existing hydrometric gauge to send warning messages when water level reaches a specified trigger point.
• Raised road level over a length of 20m along the north of Portumna Harbour.
• A Vertical Sector Gate to act as a barrier to flooding across the entrance to Portumna Harbour to prevent the inlet receiving flood water directly from the Shannon. The structure would consist of a set of gates which could be closed after a flood warning, and open during normal conditions to allow the passage of boats.
“Portumna suffered from flooding over many years, and it is imperative that this project is fast tracked to provide comfort and peace of mind for the residents and business affected by the recent flood events.
“A Project Brief needs to be developed as a matter of urgency as is the appointment of Consultants to progress a Flood Relief Scheme for Portumna”.
“The project will require environmental assessment, public consultation, refinement and preparation for planning / exhibition stage prior to any construction commencing on the ground, this process will take time and I am calling for this project to progress as a matter of urgency”.