I have received confirmation from Galway County Council that the extension to the footpath on the Tuam Road, Athenry at the entrance to Garraí Glas Housing Estate is set to commence construction in the coming weeks.
“The funding for the works was allocated by Cllr Gabe Cronnelly and former Cllr. Peter Feeney from council notice of motion monies. The works were delayed due to legal issues, but the Council have now confirmed that all the issues are resolved”.
The work includes the setting back of the wall, installation of footpath, removal of trees and the undergrounding of services.
“The works will on completion join up the existing footpaths and give greater safety to residents at the access and exit from Garraí Glas Estate”.
“I acknowledge the work of Galway County Council. This project was achieved with the co-operation of landowners and the vision of Cllr. Gabe Cronnelly and former Cllr Peter Feeney”.