Funding for anti-dumping projects
€89,982 has been allocated for anti-dumping awareness campaigns and projects in county Galway.
There are nine locations involved, including Ballinderry Bog and Rivercrest in Tuam, Kinincha Road, Gort and Yellow Bog, Loughrea. The projects include clean-up operations, awareness campaigns, fencing to prevent access and CCTV/drone surveillance.
Illegal dumping is a blight on our landscape and is causing untold damage. It is an issue which we need to tackle head on. We need to catch and prosecute those who are committing the crime. People who dump illegally need to be named and shamed.
The cost of cleaning up these sites is enormous and the damage to our environment and water courses is not acceptable. I want to acknowledge the good work which Minister Denis Naughten has undertaken and I support these initiatives.