Community organisations are being urged to ensure that they plan and fill out their applications to the highest possible standards when applying for funding from Government programmes,
Galway East TD and Minister of State for Rural Affairs Seán Canney has advised aspiring applicants to follow the guidelines laid out by Pobal, the organisation which works on behalf of Government to support communities and local agencies.
Minister Canney said: “We have so many deserving organisations that urgently need funding but sometimes they fail to get what they want by not preparing sufficiently or by filling out applications incorrectly.
“Pobal has produced two documents on Preparing to Apply for Funding and Writing a Funding Application which examine all the steps that need to considered as part of an application.
“These include planning for funding at least 12 months ahead of any proposed activities, being clear about what the funding is for, why it is needed, how it will work, how much it will cost, what the outcomes will be and how success will be measured.
“These elements need to be concisely and clearly captured in the application form along with ensuring that all the correct governance and financial accountability processes are in place.
“Finally, answering all questions asked, checking and re-checking that everything has been submitted and making sure the application guidelines are followed are essential requirements.”
More information and tips can be found on Pobal’s website . Any queries can be addressed to [email protected] .
Pobal currently provides management and support services to 23 programmes for four Government departments, the European Union and other bodies.
The Government departments involved are the Department for Rural and Community Development, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and the Department of Health.

For more information, contact Minister Canney on 086-2513639
August 19 2019