I visited various locations at Gort Lowlands today to see the flooding at first hand. The video shows the force of water at Cloon Gort. I met with Galway County Council officials to get an update on the extent of flooding. My resolve in finding solutions has not been diminished and I assure the affected communities of my full support.

More than €3.5 million has been spent on Minor Flood Relief Works in County Galway since 2016. Some schemes like Kiltiernan/Ballinderreen, which was completed before Christmas, have proved to be good investments and are working well.
I am disappointed at the delay in the feasibility study for the Gort Lowlands Scheme but I was assured by council officials this morning that the report will be delivered in April. It is a very unique scheme and it has taken longer than envisaged to get the scientific analysis required to deliver an engineering solution. I want to assure the people of Gort that I will continue to work to bring the project to fruition and ensure that the necessary funding is provided by the next Government. I am concerned that the Government has had to pay a €5 million fine over the Derrybrien debacle and will pay €15,000 a day in penalties until an environmental impact assessment is carried out, when that money could have been spent on flood relief schemes.