I have received a commitment from the Taoiseach that the Government will review the level of funding available to the Leader Programme for 2022.
The last Leader Programme finished in 2020 but a transition fund was put in place due to the delay in getting the Common Agriculture Policy agreed. A fund of €75 million was put in place to help the transition period of 2021 and 2022.
However, this level of funding falls short of what will be required for 2022 due to the level of demand.
“I questioned the Taoiseach and he gave a commitment that the Government will review the level of funding due to the importance of the Leader Programme for communities and small business”.
“I look forward to the review of the funding and I commend Galway Rural Development on the professional manner in which they have administered the scheme to date”.
Many Community Groups have received support from the Scheme and many small enterprises have also benefitted from the programme.
“The Leader Programme has allocated €7,655,000 to Galway East during the last programme 2014 to 2020 and this demonstrates the importance of the scheme to the area”.