I attended an IFA briefing in Dublin today where issues discussed included CAP reform, farm incomes and direct payments, rural development, young farmers and generational renewal and we also had a discussion on the need to simplify farm payment applications.
We discussed the need for a strong CAP budget for Ireland and how this will affect farmers in county Galway. CAP injects €1.7 billion annually into the Irish economy, underpinning 300,000 jobs in rural communities, generating food exports of €12.6 billion. A study for IFA conducted by UCD showed that for every €1 of support €4.28 of output is delivered in the economy, which demonstrates the importance of a strong CAP budget for Ireland. I will continue to work with IFA at national and local level and the Government to achieve the best deal possible for Ireland.
I am pictured at this morning’s briefing with IFA Galway Chairperson Anne Mitchell, IFA President Joe Healy and Martin Murphy, Chairperson of IFA Sheep Committee.