I believe that the increase in toll charges from the 1st of January is ill timed, unfair and is adding further costs to the hard-hit motorist.
Toll rates are to rise by 10 cent across most public private partnership (PPP) toll roads. The M4, M1, N6, M17/18, N25, Waterford Bridge and Limerick Tunnel will all see increases in the charge.
“At a time when fuel prices are at an all-time high and insurance costs are increasing, I believe that this increase is adding further costs to motorists using these roads”.
“I believe the increase which represents an increase of over 5.30% on the cost of tolls is unfair for the already hard-pressed motorist”.
“It is also ironic that these increases are coming at a time when all tolls are not now manned and are operating on a card only basis with substantial savings in wages for these private toll operators”.