Local Development Companies (LDCs) are carrying out vital support work for thousands of community groups and individuals throughout Ireland during the COVID-19 crisis.
The 49 LDCs have approximately 1,000 staff engaged in the community response to the emergency and are playing a leading role in the Government’s Community Call to help the most vulnerable in society.
They support more than 15,000 community groups and 173,000 clients to ensure the needs of those delivering and receiving services are met.
Support for member companies, agencies and individuals is given on a wide range of areas, including isolation, shopping, food, income, employment, mental health and family issues.
The LDCs’ Labour Activation Schemes have also provided on-the-ground services, such as deliveries of food, medicines and shopping.
LEADER funding from my Department, the Department of Rural and Community Development, is administered by the LDCs. LEADER has been crucial in helping disadvantaged rural areas and its role should remain a key priority for any incoming Government.
LDCs deliver more than €300 million of state-funded programmes each year. Galway is served by Galway Rural Development (GRD), which is based in Athenry but has other locations throughout the county.
GRD can be contacted on 091-844335 or by emailing [email protected].