The Long Term Impact Charge which is now a component of the road opening licence charge is driving the cost of laying water mains through the roof.
The cost of the charge is €30 per square metre and is adding thousands to the cost of upgrading water mains by Group Water Schemes.
In addition, these costs are not covered in any of the grants that are available, and this is putting a huge financial burden on the Group Water Schemes.
The charge was introduced without any consideration of the consequence of the charge.
“I believe that the Roads Management Office within the Department of Local Government need to revisit this ridiculous charging mechanism”
“I have also been informed by the Minister in a Parliamentary reply that his Department are engaging with the RMO on this issue. The National Federation of Group Water Schemes is also engaging with the Department on this issue”
It seems that the charge can add up to €50,000 in costs to a 1 km road. This is unsustainable.
“To me it is one section of Local Government charging another section for the same works and it is the Group Water Scheme and its members that pay the price”.