Minister of State and Galway East TD, Sean Canney has been informed the short term solutions were progressing on the Parkmore traffic congestion. Capacity Improvements and Parkmore and Lynch junction including improved signal management had been installed and were having a positive impact on traffic.

I was in attendance at Friday’s meeting accompanied by my Oireachtas colleagues from Galway West.

Works to the Doughiska junction is ongoing with some works to commence in May.

Further works being considered include an extension of the N6 Right Turning Lane and widening of Parkmore West for a left turning lane.

Further medium term traffic capacity improvements are under consideration and if successful will see construction underway in 2018. The works include Briarhill junction, cycling facilities, widening of Parkmore South, upgrading priority junctions and widening of Parkmore West road.

Other works include the bringing forward of the long awaited bus lane from Claregalway to the city outskirts. This bus lane will be brought on line in the next year.

The progress to-date is to be welcomed. There will be a further meeting of the Steering Group and the Oireachtas members in the coming weeks to ensure that the project continues to progress in a cohesive manner.

It is vital that solutions are found for workers travelling to their place of work. There is at least 60% of traffic going to Parkmore is coming from Galway East. It is important that the concerns of the workers are addressed.