The third National Stakeholder Forum of the Mobile Phone and Broadband Task Force was held in Windmill Lane, Dublin, this week.
Opening the forum as chair of the Taskforce, I emphasised the importance of shared knowledge and objectives to make practical progress in developing all our networks.
The Taskforce has made significant progress in many areas, including planning, policy, access to infrastructure and consumer experience.
With the National Broadband Plan about to be rolled out, we now have to focus on our priorities for the future.
Ireland’s networks are crucial to our competitiveness and it is essential that we are at the forefront when it comes to the latest technologies.
The forum included discussions on a variety of issues, including the implications of rolling out 5G and the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland’s new guidelines on advertising for phone and broadband network providers.
It was great to meet again with the Local Authority Broadband Officers who are the “boots on the ground” when it comes to opportunities to strengthen and future proof our infrastructure and connectivity for both phone and broadband networks.