More than 4,000 forest owners who applied for their annual premium payments by paper application have received grants amounting to €15.4 million.
The payments follow on from more than 6,000 payments made in January to forest owners who applied for the grant online. The awards give a total contribution in forest premiums of more than €70 million.
I very much welcome these payments.Some 4,248 forest owners received money into their bank accounts this week.
Forest owners are an essential part of our agricultural and climate strategy and it is absolutely correct that they should be supported in this way. It is also very important that we help our farmers by encouraging diversification.
Premiums are guaranteed for 15 years and covered all establishment costs, while complementing existing livestock enterprises.
Forest owners may still apply for the payment online through the IFORIS portal on the Department’s Online Services website .
Further information on all supports available to forest owners can be found at