I give a cautious welcome to the new National Home Energy Upgrade Scheme.

“I believe that the framework of the scheme is good, but the one stop shop system is yet to be established and the detail on the loans that will be available is sketchy and will not be available until later this year”.

“I am also cautious around the SEAI capability to deliver the scheme and their list of approved contractors is limited. I believe that the scheme should be opened up to all registered contractors”.

“I welcome the expansion of the Warmer Home Scheme to include additional homes in receipt of special payments”.

“I also welcome the inclusion of people with disabilities in the Warmer Homes Scheme which is 100% grant aided”.

“I believe that the acceptance that people who availed of partial grants in previous schemes can now apply for new works under the new scheme is positive”.

“I await with interest the publication of the application forms and further details of the scheme”.

The full list of measures and grants is available at this link: https://www.seai.ie/grants/home-energy-grants/