Tuam’s new roundabouts off the motorway and by-pass do nothing to promote the town and are in a poor state, according to Galway East TD and Minister for Rural Affairs Seán Canney.
Minister Canney is calling upon Transport Infrastructure Ireland and Galway County Council to improve the look of the roundabouts as a matter of urgency.
Minister Canney said: “I am very disappointed that these roundabouts have been left in a poor state.
“They are the first thing you see when you approach Tuam and they should be creating a positive, inviting first impression. Instead they do nothing to promote the town.
“The motorway offers a great opportunity to introduce more visitors to the town. The roundabouts should be properly designed and landscaped so that they send a message to people that they are coming to a special place.
“The roundabouts currently lack character. I believe that for a small investment we can attract more people to the town. By using the roundabouts in a clever way, we can help promote Tuam to a wider audience.”
Minister Canney said it was important that all public bodies and organisations should be using every opportunity to promote the regional towns of Galway East.
He added: “All it requires is a little bit of imagination to create the desired result.”

For more information, contact Minister Canney on 086-2513639
June 23 2019