I have been informed by officials in the Department of Social Protection that there are over 3,000 vacancies on CE Schemes nationally.
“Following my intervention in the Dáil last week, I met with Minister Heather Humphreys and senior officials about the present alarming number of unfilled vacancies on CE Schemes”.
“These CE Schemes provide vital services to communities, local authorities, disability groups and are an integral component in delivering services”.
“Due to issues with the interpretations of rules within the scheme for participants over 55 years of age and the breakdown in the referral system from the Department they are now over 3,000 unfilled places on the schemes nationally. I received assurances from the Minister and her officials that the over 55 years issue would be resolved, and that a better and more frequent referral system would be put in place”.
“I welcome the positive response from the Minister, and I will continue to pursue this issue”.