I have received confirmation that €250 million has been expended to date on Jobpath which provides long term unemployed Jobseekers with access to an employment and advice service for a period of 12 months.
“Jobpath providers are paid a fee for this service and over €250 Million has been paid out between 2015 and 2020 in figures I received from the Department of Social Protection”.
“This is a very high expenditure with €71.7 million being paid out in 2018.
I question if we are getting value for money on this expenditure and I note that jobpath maybe a box ticking exercise”.
“I fail to see why we have to spend so much on jobpath when this money could be better spent on incentivising employers to take on jobseekers and providing additional tax credits to jobseekers who are successful in getting employment”.
“We need to continue to review this level of expenditure and ensure value for money at all times”.