I urge PAYE workers to review their tax liabilities every year.
“The Minister for Finance has confirmed to me that in 2020, €390 million was refunded to PAYE taxpayers and so far, €57 million has been refunded for 2021 for overpayment of income tax”.
“These figures demonstrate that many PAYE taxpayers are paying too much tax and not claiming their full entitlements in tax relief”.
“It is also important to note that PAYE taxpayer can review their tax deducted for a period of the previous 4 years”.
People who work and paying tax should take time to look at their expenses and outgoings as some of these expenses maybe tax deductible.
“If people are working remotely, they can claim up to 30% of the cost of vouched expenses for heating, electricity and internet whilst working from home”.
“People can check all the entitlement on the Revenue on-line system and also make claims for tax relief by registering on “My Account” portal on the Revenue website”.