I congratulate the Western Development Commission for their work in partnering with the Atlantic Economic Corridor (AEC) Taskforce in developing an AEC Hubs project under the remit of the Department of Rural & Community Development.
“The aim of the AEC is to build a region of scale across twelve counties from Donegal to Kerry along the Western Region over the next 20 years. This will provide a counterbalance the over development in the East coast and create jobs opportunities in the region”.
“The Western Development Commission (WDC) have been involved along with the AEC Taskforce in bringing forward the AEC hubs project, which will bring employment opportunity and economic activity to the centre of towns and villages in the region”
“The WDC have to date supported the mapping of 114 hubs along the AEC region which will be marketed through a national campaign to promote the hubs and drive usage of these hubs”.
The WDC have developed a new classification system for hubs and have procured a hub booking system which will be delivered in early 2021.
“As former Chairman of the AEC Taskforce, I know first-hand the necessity of digital infrastructure to support and sustain economic growth in the region in a changing environment”.
Hubs will provide the focus for remote working and help build communities in the regions.
“I look forward to continue to work with the WDC and the AEC Taskforce to ensure delivery of our shared vision”.