I have received confirmation from the H.S.E that two major projects are being prepared to go to tender.
The Community Nursing Unit has been approved to go to tender to a select list of pre-qualified Building Contractors in early September. In advance of this tender, enabling works to divert water and electricity services are expected to be carried out in August.

The tender documents for the Mental Health Day Hospital and Disability Unit are also being prepared and will also go out to tender to pre-qualified list of Building Contractors in September. There is also some minor enabling work on this site which are being carried out presently.

These two projects represent a major investment in Health Care facilities in Tuam to serve North Galway and are in line with the previous Governments commitment as set out in the HSE Capital.

‘The projects represent of investment in excess of €20 million and will provide a state of the art Community Nursing Unit with 50 beds to replace the existing Aras Mhuire building which has been deemed not fit for purpose by H.I.Q.A.
‘I acknowledge the generosity of the late Joe O’Toole for the contribution of €7 million towards the construction of the Community Nursing Home.
‘The refurbishment of the Old Grove site and conversion into a Mental Health Day Hospital and Disability Services centre will rejuvenate this part of the centre of Tuam and bring the Old Grove back to use as a Health Care facility’.