Minister of State for the OPW and Galway East TD, Sean Canney has been given an update by Irish Water on water quality in the Portumna area.

Regarding the pump on the side of the bank, Irish Water have informed Minister Canney that the abstraction point for the supply in Portumna is located approximately 250 meters into the Lake.

“Last year approximately 70 meters from the lake shore a boat broke a section of the main. Irish Water working with Galway County Council have procured services to repair the leak but this is not a simple task as the repairs need to be carried out by qualified divers.”

“The works are due to be carried out this week and Irish Water are also taking this opportunity to jet the intake pipe. As a result, these works will lead to the removal of the lake shore pumps. The pumps I am told, however, will remain in place until the operators of the treatment plant are satisfied that there is no risk to the supply. It is envisaged that they will be removed in the near future.

Minister Canney has also been informed by Irish Water that they have been working with Galway County Council in carrying out an upgrade of the Portumna Water Treatment Plant. The upgrade is with a view to bringing up the water quality to the highest standard.