The Government’s Restart Grant offers direct aid of between €2,000 minimum and €10,000 for businesses based on their commercial rates bill from 2019.
It opened for applications on May 22 and will close on August 31 2020.
Applications must be made online at
Closing Date: 31 st August 2020.
Appeals: Decisions can be appealed to up to September 30 2020
Who can apply:
• Any business that has a commercially rateable premises, or where rates are paid on your behalf and attributable to the business premises you occupy.
• Multiple Chain Stores (non-financially independent branch of a group of chain stores, owned and managed by a single entity) are not eligible *please see note below.
• Non-commercial organisations such as community and sporting premises are not eligible.
• Businesses that do not operate from a commercially rateable premises are not eligible.
• Premises that were vacant prior to the COVID-19 emergency are not eligible.
Qualifying Criteria:
• The business must have annual turnover of less than €5,000,000 and have 50 or less employees.
• The business must have suffered a projected 25%+ loss in revenue to June 30 2020.
• Applicant must commit to remain open or to open if it was closed.
• Applicant must also declare intention to retain employees that are benefiting from the Temporary Work Subsidy Scheme.

* A Business entity operating from a number of properties is entitled to a grant equivalent to the rates on
each property, subject to the minimum, maximum and other criteria. These are not to be confused with
the “Multiple” Chain stores referenced in FAQ No 1.
To assist the following xxamples are provided for clarity
Example 1:
• “Western Tiles Ltd” operate outlets in Athlone and Mullingar with rates billed in 2019 of €8,000 and €9,000
• Grants of €8,000 and €9,000 are payable i.e. a total of €17,000, not restricted to €10,000 maximum grant.
• Bear in mind, if there were two legal entities, with separate tax references, “Western Tiles (Athlone) Ltd” and
“Western Tiles (Mullingar) Ltd”, the question wouldn’t arise.
Example 2:
• “Westmeath Rosta Ltd” operate a take-away and restaurant in Athlone with rates billed in 2019 of €12,000.
• The rates are charged via two property numbers (Two VO numbers, Two LAIDs), with rates billed in 2019 of €3,000
and €9,000 respectively.
• One number is for the take-away, the other for the restaurant.
• It is an historic scenario where the take-away extended into an adjoining property.
• A grant of €10,000 is payable, not €12,000, i.e. €3,000 plus €9,000.
• It is one business, one location with the overheads, cost of reopening, number of employees etc essentially the same
for the area represented by the “two” properties.
Some frequently asked questions are attached.

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