I am advising people considering using the Seniors Alert Scheme, which provides personal monitored alarms, that they may be able to use a SIM card with the system if they do not have a landline.
Providing they check with their supplier first, using a SIM card costs €5 a month which could mean a saving on line rental costs.
It also may be possible to use the Telephone Support Allowance offered by the Department of Social Protection to help pay for the SIM card if people meet the criteria for that benefit.
The Seniors Alert Scheme was launched by my department – the Department for Rural and Community Development – in November 2017.
Funding is available under the scheme for registered community-based organisations to purchase a personal alarm or pendant for the user.
It is worn on the wrist or around the neck and the alarm button connects wirelessly to a base unit, which can either be connected to a landline or have a SIM card installed.
Demand for the scheme has been very high. During 2018, more than 19,200 applications were approved with a total expenditure of almost €7 million.
The scheme is administered on behalf of the department by Pobal. Further details are available on Pobal’s website or by contacting Pobal on 01-5117222.