I am concerned that sheep farmers are suffering enormous pressure due to the unexplained price cuts for lamb. The Minister for Agriculture needs to step in to provide urgently needed support to sheep farmers.
“I have been contacted by sheep farmers who are very concerned that the price of lamb looks set to drop below €6/kg this week which is not viable when input costs have risen substantially. “
“The sector is in crisis and it’s about time the Government acknowledged this. This time last year farmers were getting €7.30/kg. If the sector is to remain viable sheep farmers need at least a base price of €7/kg. but prices are expected to fall to €5.80/kg this week.”
The influx of New Zealand lamb into the EU as well as the continuous importation of UK lamb into this country is driving local producers out of business.”
The processors need to show some loyalty to their suppliers. For a start they could stop bringing in so much lamb from the UK – both live, and in carcase form. There is no reason for shipments of UK lamb to be arriving in the country each week. This is being done purely to keep prices here at an unrealistic and unsustainably low level.
“Farmers need a fair price, and they need to be supported by Government during this crisis. The processors and Bord Bia also need to engage to ensure a fair price is paid for Irish lamb”
“I urge consumers to always choose locally produced Irish lamb. By doing so we are supporting the local farmer in by extension the local economy.”