The decision by Intel to shortlist Oranmore as a possible location for a multi-billion-euro manufacturing facility, creating 10,000 jobs, has highlighted the potential to develop our infrastructure in the Western Regions.
“The region has been recognised by the EU as a Region in Transition, a Lagging Industrial Region and a Moderate Innovator, and in order to support projects on the scale of the proposal, we need to adapt a policy of Infrastructure lead development”.
“A project of the scale as envisaged by Intel requires support from across the region in terms of supplies, logistics and a workforce”.
“Infrastructure is required such as roads, including the outer ring road in Galway City is essential”.
“We need to connect the region by rail and the Western Rail Corridor is essential to connect Westport, Ballina, Sligo, Claremorris and Tuam to Oranmore, to all the shipping of materials by freight and the transportation of workers to such facilities.
“The decision by Intel has focussed the minds on what is required to ensure industry of this magnitude can be located in the regions and can be serviced by the regions”.
“I am convinced that Balanced Development will be achieved only when we provide the Infrastructure necessary as a priority in the National Development Plan”.