I participated in the IFA organised meeting with farmers in Athenry mart last night (Monday).
There were in excess of 300 farmers present which demonstrated the concerns of farmers for the very existence.
“The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) where farm income supports are now being transferred to Eco measures and this is removing income from farmers”.
“I also listened to the concerns raised in relation to Carbon reduction targets, the consequence for farming in terms of investment and the lack of support available to invest in these changes up front”.
“The rising cost of fertilizer which has more than doubled coupled with the increase in fuel costs is eating away at the already very tight margins.
“The small family farm needs to be protected in the West and Government need to immediately deliver on the €1.5 billion of supports in addition to CAP funding as promised in the Programme for Government.
“Agriculture is at a crossroads in the West of Ireland and without simple support schemes and recognition for the existing standards of production in beef and milk is required in setting any targets”.
“It is no longer acceptable that agriculture is a target for Carbon Emission reductions without Government providing genuine measures to facilitate a Just Transition for farmers and their families”.