I welcome the publication of the South Galway (Gort Lowlands) Flood Relief Scheme Feasibility Report which has proven that a scheme to create flood relief is feasible and show a cost benefit.
“The flooding in South Galway has decimated the area with a long history of flooding notable the winter flooding in 1994/1995, 2009, 2014 and in 2015/2016”
“Flooding in the area is prolonged with a devastating import on the community and causing significant disruption to regional transport and access to local communities”.
“The cost of the project is estimated at €14 million with a benefit of €22 million. Surveys carried out under the Feasibility Study found that 50 residential properties flood with a further 23 at high risk”.
“65 non-residential properties including 20 slatted sheds and cultural heritage sites such as Thoor Ballylee flood up to a depth of 3 metres”.
“175 residential properties and 48 non-residential properties including dairy farms are a risk of being cut off and in excess of 463 hectares of land flood above the minimum level”.
“Roads have been flooded and transport in the region has been severely hampered including the Limerick – Athenry rail line”.
“The scheme envisages improvements to the existing overland flow path between turloughs in the catchment and the sea, to allow flood water to decant more effectively between turloughs and towards Kinvara Bay. The scheme also will incorporate flood protection measures, flow control structures, raising roads, swallow hole maintenance and pumping facilities”.

“The scheme will not go to public consultation on the options for the scheme, the next step is the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and following this process Ministerial consent will be required from the Minister for Finance to proceed with the scheme”.