Dogs make great companions and pets and can greatly enrich our lives.
But some dogs, either through nature or bad nurture, can be a risk to both humans and livestock.
That is why my Department, the Department for Rural and Community Development, is reviewing regulations and legislation around the control of dogs in Ireland.
As part of that review we have launched a public consultation and I am urging everyone with an interest in dog control to make a submission.
Certain aspects of this legislation have been in place for a significant number of years and it is now being reviewed to see if changes are required.
For example, a Statutory Instrument which requires extra controls for a list of specific breeds has been in place since 1998, Some parties have indicated that this breed specific approach may require a change.
The consultation document poses a series of 10 questions and is available by visiting the consultation section of Printed copies can be requested from [email protected] or by calling 076-100-6936.
Interested parties are invited to make written submissions by email to [email protected] by 5.30pm on 6 September 2019.
Submissions may also be posted to the Dog Control Unit, Department of Rural and Community Development, Government Buildings, Ballina, Co Mayo F26 E8N6.