I have received confirmation from SUSI that the online applications for a student grant in the 2023/24 academic year close on Thursday 2 November 2023.
All students who still wish to apply for a student grant in academic year 2023/24 should take note of this closing date. If a student has started an application but not yet completed it, they should do so before the closing date.
Students who wish to make an application after the online closing date must satisfy one of the following criteria.
• Their course commences in 2024 prior to the end of the 2023/24 academic year.
• They have had a change in circumstances under one or more of the following criteria:
o Reckonable income
o Number of dependent children
o Relevant persons commencing an approved course
o Normal residence
o Nationality or immigration status; and/or
o Change of course or institution.
• They experienced extenuating circumstances that adversely affected their ability to make an application prior to the closing date of 2 November 2023.

If a student would like to request a late application under one of the above criteria, they can do so by completing a Late Application Request form and emailing it to [email protected]. Late Application Request forms can be found on www.susi.ie after the closing date.