I along with members of the Regional Group of Independent TDs are calling on the Government to act more proactively in terms of opening sectors of the economy.
“The construction sector in particular is one that Regional Group members believe can be opened immediately using antigen testing every two days along with the implementation of operating standards previously agreed by the construction industry to ensure safe operations”.
“Ireland is the only country in Europe where construction is not fully open even though previous construction activity has been proven to be very safe with very low rates of Covid-19 incidence or transmission. The UK Government is subsidising antigen testing regimes on building sites to keep construction operational”.
“In addition, Regional Group members believe the Government should actively revisit the significant support base that was on offer from those who responded to the ‘Ireland on call’ initiative. Suitable candidates who responded should be recruited to help with test, trace and vaccination activity which would allow other HSE staff to get back to frontline medical management”.
“We understand the difficulties that the new Covid-19 variants present however there is a need for a proactive approach in terms of managing risk while awaiting increased supplies of the vaccine”.
“Our communities and our economy have suffered hugely, and it is now time for renewed and urgent action utilising the latest understandings in science and technology that can allow us to live with Covid-19 while we work to defeat it”.