Following last week’s launch of the Government Action Plan for Community Response to COVID-19 by the Department of Rural and Community Development, this is a reminder that the department has an email helpline for registered community organisations that is available at C& . It is open to seven days a week.

A communication pack on volunteering can be found at the following link:

It includes advice and information on the following

1. Advice for vulnerable people – A basic checklist on how to protect yourself.

2. How to volunteer – Advice for people who wish to volunteer and for organisation who wish to recruit volunteers.

3. How to protect against fraud and generate trust -Advice on how citizens can protect themselves against fraud and how volunteers can build relationship with citizens.

4. Recruitment of volunteers for community and voluntary groups – Advice for organisation wishing to recruit volunteers.

5. Sensible volunteering – Key advice for those volunteering and those who are receiving support from volunteers on keeping safe.

6. Full details of the Government Action Plan to support the Community Response.