I welcome the further progress on the Gort Lowlands Flood Relief Scheme with the publication of the Feasibility Report on Monday 22nd February.
“The public consultation on the engineering options will commence on Friday 26th February and will run until Saturday 3rd April. This consultation will be an online consultation.
“This project which I initiated when Minister for the OPW will provide solutions to the flooding which has tormented the people in South Galway for decades”.
“The initial surveys and design work have found engineering solutions which are both environmentally and economically viable”.
“Galway County Council have taken the lead with the OPW on this very unique engineering problem and have also engaged engineering experts and have worked with Geotechnical Services Ireland (GSI) and Trinity College to develop models to find engineering solutions”.
“For the first time we have a potentially feasible solution identified to resolve the flooding issues of South Galway”.
“I will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure this project is delivered as soon as possible. Once the public consultation is complete the project will move to full design. Once the design is complete, we will move to the construction phase”.
“The construction stage of the project will be divided into separate contracts with the river/stream/flood channels being managed and works undertaken by the OPW directly and the bridges/culverts structures will be managed by the Consultants and undertaken by the Civil Engineering Contractor”.