I am critical of the HSE for the slow place at which they are delivering the X-ray Facility in Tuam.
“In March 2023 I received written confirmation that work on the X-ray Facility in the Primary Care Centre Tuam would commence in mid-2023 and would be complete by end of 2023.
On the 22nd of September I received another written response confirming the works have commenced but are not expected to be complete until mid-2024.
In 2017 I secured funding from the then Minister for Health Simon Harris TD for the X-ray facility and unbelievably it is taking 7 years to deliver the facility.
I am delighted to hear that the works have commenced on site and when complete the service will be available to GPs in the surrounding Primary Care Team areas to refer patients for X-rays. It will be a universal service available to all patients.
Currently the Ultrasound service is available and is delivered by three Clinical Specialist Ultra Sonographers, a Radiology Assistant together with administration support.
I have also been advised by the HSE that a Clinical Specialist Radiographer has been recruited for the delivery of the X-ray service.
The Diagnostic Service is being developed in conjunction with Portiuncla University Hospital Ballinasloe and will be a major additional health service which will be delivered locally”.