Galway East TD and Minister for Rural Affairs Seán Canney has urged beef processors and producers to continue their engagement to resolve the issue of beef prices now that all pickets have been stood down.

Minister Canney said: “I welcome that the pickets have been removed and the agreement now be implemented.

“The kernel of the issue is still price so now is the time for the processors to further engage in a meaningful way with the beef producers.

“This is an opportunity that has never arisen before and it needs to be grasped if the beef industry is to survive.

“I hope that the progress that has been made means we see a more open and transparent industry. We have a template for moving forward but we need to build trust between the producers and the processors because they’re futures are inextricably linked.

“Our beef farmers produce a world class product and deserve our support. They have suffered as a result of currency fluctuations ahead of Brexit.”

The agreement struck on September 15 included a bonus for steers and heifers aged between 30 and 36 months of 8c per kilo with the current bonus for 30-month cattle increasing from 12c to 20c per kilo.

It also provides for an independent Beef Market Task Force, a review of the Quality Payment Grid and two reports will be commissioned on market and customer needs, including an analysis of prices along the supply chain.

The new agreement was contingent on all blockades and protests being removed from factories. As a consequence legal proceedings against farm organisations and individuals will be withdrawn.

For more information, contact Minister Canney on 086-2513639

September 23 2019