Galway East TD and Minister for Rural Affairs Seán Canney has held discussions with Galway County Council about upgrading roundabouts in Tuam.
Minister Canney argues that there is huge potential to enhance the town’s approaches by improving its roundabouts.
He added: “This is an opportunity to showcase Tuam and what it has to offer.
“I understand that Transport Infrastructure Ireland will be issuing protocols to allow such works to be carried out.
“Now is the time to grasp the initiative to ensure that we optimise all means available to promote the business potential for Tuam and as a great place to live in.
“The opening of the M17/M18 motorway and the Tuam by-pass has been a game-changer in terms of developing Tuam for future generations.
“It has already been a factor in stimulating growth and investment for some of the town’s major employers.
“I look forward to the development of the roundabouts as a way of improving the town’s aspect and making it more inviting as a historic shopping centre for those working in Tuam and for those commuting.”

For more information, contact Minister Canney on 086-2513639
June 15 2020